Transportation & Logistics

With a plethora of businesses in industries like defense, food processing, and advanced manufacturing, Wells County offers a perfect market for companies in the transportation and logistics industry. This strong customer base combined with the region’s proximity to a number of major metropolitan areas has led Wells County to become a logistical goldmine.

The region also offers a long history of involvement with the transportation and logistics industry due to its wide variety of transportation options. Currently, air transportation is available less than 20 minutes away at the Fort Wayne International Airport,and the Norfolk Southern and Wabash Central railroads offer easy access to rail transportation as well.

Wells County Transportation & Logistics Businesses

Customized Distribution Services  -  Warehousing, distribution & transportation
Bluffton, IN 

First Fleet Inc.  -  Trucking firm
Bluffton, IN 

Gei-Corp. Trucking  -  Trucking firm
Markle, IN 

Ormsby Trucking  -  Trucking firm
Uniondale, IN 

Peyton’s Northern  -  Food warehouse & distribution center
Bluffton, IN 

Same Day, Inc.  - Trucking firm
Bluffton, IN 

SR Schaefer Trucking  -  Trucking firm
Bluffton, IN

Westland, LLC  -  Warehouse
Bluffton, IN